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2021 Best Way to fix App Not Installed Error

Since the Android platform’s launch in 2008, Android phones have enjoyed a lot of popularity. According to a 2017 Google report, Android has approximately 2 billion monthly active users. The wide range of android apps available is a significant reason for this massive public outreach. Over 4 million apps are available on the Google Play Store!

The “App Not Installed” This is a severe problem. Android users will be able to solve this problem.KitKat Lolipop And Marshmellow This is the problem. PUBG was the game I downloaded. When I tried to install the App, it said that the App was not installed.

This error is frustrating. Finding solutions online to fix it can be frustrating. “App Not Installed” error. This article will explain the possible causes of the error and provide solutions.

Causes of the App Not Installed Error and Solution – How to fix

1. Not enough storage

Android software. If data such as photos and videos, music’s, messages, texts, apps, contacts or emails are stored in the internal storage, there is not enough storage to install another app. This can lead to Android App Not Installed error.

How to Fix: You can solve this problem by freeing up memory on your device

2. Corrupted/Contaminated App file

App files can be corrupted if you don’t download them from the Play Store. Double-check the source of an App you downloaded, as well as its extension name. Also, try to avoid installing any files that are not necessary.

3. SD Card not mounted in the device

Sometimes your phone may be connected to your computer or another electronic device that can access your SD Card. If you choose to install an App, and then save it to your SD Card (or to another device), you’ll see Android App Not Installed error. This is because the SD Card is not mounted on your device

4. Storage location

Some Apps are best stored in your device’s internal memory, while others require storage on an SD Card. You will notice that the app won’t install if it isn’t saved in the correct location.

5. Corrupt storage

The Android App is not installed. Error is often caused by corrupted storage. Unwanted and unnecessary data can clog internal storage and other files that might be causing problems with the storage location. This is a severe issue. A corrupted SD Card or clogged internal memory could put your device at risk

6. Application Permission

Software operations that run in the background and App Permission is not a new concept. These errors can also lead to the Unknown Error Code when installing Apps.

7. Incorrect file

You can get the Android App Not Installed error if you have an app already installed. However, you may be able to download another version of it with a different signed or unsigned certificate. Although this sounds complicated, you can fix it along with all the other issues mentioned above.

Unknown source installation – A common reason for App not installed error

By default, companies disable unknown source installations. These settings are what cause the problem. The system won’t allow apps that have not been downloaded from the Google Play Store to be installed because it considers them unsafe for the device. It would be best if you turned on your unknown source installation. Before installing an app from a third-party website, You have several options to allow Unknown source installation.

Here are some steps to solve this problem

  • Navigate to Settings>Lock Screen & Security to install third-party applications to your device.
  • You can turn on unknown sources.
  • You can now install the application.

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Other fixes for the “App Not Installed” error

Let’s look at this section to learn more about how we can fix this frustrating error. Here are the top technology solutions that I found to fix this problem. These solutions were found helpful by users who searched forums and helped them to overcome this error. I hope you find one of these solutions helpful.

Disable Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a Google Play Store feature that protects your device. Before installing applications from the Play Store, it runs a security check on your device. Play Protect also scans your device to identify potentially dangerous applications downloaded from other sites and attempts to block third-party installs on your system. This feature could also be the cause of the App not installed error.

Steps to Disable Play Protect

  • Open Google Play Store from your device.
  • Tap Menu (The hamburger icon to the left)> Play Safe> Settings
  • Play Protect Off – Turn Scan Apps
  • Reinstall the App that you have downloaded.

We have seen that the Android App Not Installed error can be quickly fixed if you follow the instructions in this article. To avoid further confusion, make sure you carefully follow every instruction.

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