Copy Caller tune in Jio

How to Copy Caller tune in Jio or Set a New Jio tune

There are a variety of ways in that users can set an Jio phone tune. Here’s a step by procedure guide that which you could follow in order to transfer JioTune to another JioTune from the other Jio customer.

What is a ‘Caller tune? 

A caller tune is a song that calls hear when they contact you. In general they only function when you make new calls. If you’re already in a call that caller will hear the default message for call waiting instead of the activated caller tune.

How to copy caller tune in Jio ?

If you wish to copy a song that you have received from any of those Jio contacts, you will need to press * when you dial that number after that you’ll get an SMS message to your phone number. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to follow in order to copy an existing caller’s tune.

How can I copy the caller’s tune from another Jio users?

Follow the steps given below to copy the tune of the caller to others Jio users.

1. To copy a track from an other Jio user you can select * (star) prior to the time that the call is answered.
2. Then you will receive an SMS that confirms your acceptance.
3. Users must reply to this message with a “Y” within 30 minutes.
4. Choose JioTune option on the Jio number.

Some other methods to set Jio tune

Apart from the above-given steps, you can even set a caller tune by various methods so here are some other methods to set Jio tune


1. In the beginning, you’ll need in order to download the MyJio application via Google Play Store or App store. Google Play Store or App store.
2. Then, launch the MyJio application and choose the ‘JioTunes’ option from the useful websites
3. You can preview the song and then select ‘Set as JioTune’
4. Then, you’ll receive an confirmation screen as well as an SMS to confirm the activation


1. To activate the caller’s tunes for SMS users, you must send an SMS containing the first three words of the album or film to the number toll-free 56789.
2. After that, you’ll receive another SMS that includes a list of songs as well as a set of directions for setting the track you like as the default song on your JioTune.
3. The users can even send the text message “JT” to 56789 and follow the instructions to their mobile.


Jio Saavn music streaming application lets users turn their favorite music into tunes for calling. The free music app is available to Android as well as iOS users. Follow the steps below to set up JioTunes with the music application.

1. Install and download the JioSaavn application via Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
2. Log into the account you have created on your JioSaavn account , and then search for your preferred track on the application.
3. After that, you click on the song, and you’ll see it’s Set the Jio Tune button right below the album art, and song’s title.
4. After activation, you will receive an SMS after the JioTune is activated. The message will also include details on how you can disable the JioTune and more.
5. Users will view a pop-up display in which you can see a preview of the tune of your caller.
6. Then, click on the Set JioTune button to set the song you want to use as your caller’s tune.

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