How To Delete All Messages In Facebook

How To Delete All Messages In Facebook At Once

  • Facebook’s Messenger application gives you an easy way to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Should you want to delete all of the Facebook messages in your Messenger inbox, you can do so in a few steps with a Google Chrome browser extension.
  • The Delete All Messages extension available for Google Chrome makes emptying your Facebook inbox a foolproof task.
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Pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days, and it’s easy to see why. The social media network, which boasts over 2.1 billion users worldwide, is a simple way to keep in touch with old school classmates, colleagues, friends, and families who live far away.

Facebook’s Messenger app is convenient, allowing instant and private messaging with your contacts and other users you may not yet be connected to. But how do you get rid of all those messages when you’re no longer in need of them?

Delete All Facebook Messeges at Once With The Help Of Chrome Extension

If you would like to delete your Facebook messages at once quickly and easily, here’s what you need to learn about How To Delete All Messages In Facebook At Once.

Deleting all your Facebook messages is easy to do, particularly when utilizing the Delete All Messages extension for the Google Chrome browser.

How to delete all of your Facebook Messages at once

1. Download and install the Google Chrome web browser if you’re not already using it.

How to delete all of your Facebook Messages at once

2.  Once installed, open Chrome and then download the Publish All Messages browser extension from the Chrome web store. Installation is easy and quick, with on-screen prompts looking to tell you everything you want to know.

 3.  After Delete All Messages was added to your browser, browse to You will notice that the extension’s icon, which looks on your top menu bar and comprises the Facebook Messenger address bubble symbol with a small red X next to itis illuminated, indicating that the extension gets access to a Facebook data.

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4. Proceed to your Facebook page.

5. Click the Delete All Messages logo in the toolbar, at which stage a pop-up will launch that reads”Open your messages” Click on this to launch your Facebook messages in a different tab.

6. On your messages screen, you will understand the Delete All Messages toolbar across the top of the display, giving you the option to delete all messages to delete selected messages only. If you would like to clear your inboxall you have to do is click”Delete All Messages.”

Delete All Messages

7. The extension will establish a pop-up requesting you to confirm that you do wish to delete all messages.

8.  It should be mentioned that as soon as you have deleted all your messages, then they will no longer exist within your FB accounts and you will be not able to restore them anytime, so be sure you no longer desire them before choosing to delete. Local copies of your messages will still exist together with the accounts of those you’ve messaged, nevertheless.

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