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How To Download WhatsApp Status Video Images

Today all people do WhatsApp. It will hardly be anyone who does not use WhatsApp. Like the rest of the Social Media Apps, WhatsApp also launched to put the story in status. People who know your account can see that story, but many people want to download the WhatsApp status, but they do not know how to download the WhatsApp story, so today, in this blog, we will tell you how to download the WhatsApp status video or images.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video and Images

There are several humorous WhatsApp Status videos that we’ve saved by using this method, and it’s an important item to have. If you wish to Download someone else’s Status on WhatsApp and save it, we suggest you get approval from them you are making the save.

Download WhatsApp Status on your Android smartphone

Here are three methods to save WhatsApp status video or images to your android phone

Method 1: File Manager

The entire procedure requires a file manager for the Android mobile. You can choose any file manager you like. However, the steps might differ. To simplify things, we have made use of our favorite, the Google Files App, a no-cost software for managing files on Android in this tutorial. It is pre-installed on the Google Pixel phones and is simple to get and install through Google Play.

Then, follow these instructions for how to save WhatsApp Video Status to your Android phone:

  1. Launch the Google Files app on your Android phone, click on the hamburger icon found on the left side, and tap Settings.
  2. If you’re using a Pixel smartphone, launch your Files app, click the three dots icon in the upper-right corner, and tap the Settings.
  3. The next screen will toggle the option to show hidden files. For Pixel phones, users must turn on the option to show internal storage.
  4. Then go again to the Files menu in the main menu of the app and tap Internal storage.
  5. Then go on to your WhatsApp directory, then media, and then ‘.Status’.
  6. To save an image or film, hold for a long time on the file and then press copy. Then, copy the file to the folder you want to save it in on your phone’s storage.

Following these steps by following these steps, you’ll have the ability to save any video or photo that you’ve set as an individual’s WhatsApp Status. This feature lets you save all WhatsApp status that you’ve opened, even if it’s more than 24 hours after the message was published.

We’ll be reminded that you inform the person you’re saving or sharing the WhatsApp Photos or status videos.

Method 2: Status Saver apps

This is yet another app that is dubbed as the status Saver in WhatsApp.

Method 3 Screenshots as well as Screen Record

It’s similar to the photos we take from our smartphones. Similar functions are also available on smartphones, just identical to the native screensaver.

Download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on iPhone?

The iPhone is a safe operating system dependent on the screen recorder built into the iPhone or screen capture tools.

It is necessary to hold both the home button and the power button simultaneously when using the iPhone 8 or older models.

On the most recent version iPhone X and later, you have to hit the volume button and the switch button at the same time.

Similar to videos. You must also use the native screen recorder that includes iOS 11.11 or newer versions.

The screen recorder is accessible within the Control Center.

  • Navigate to the settings.
  • Next up Control Centre
  • Personalize the Control Center
  • Add an option to the record screen. Screen Recorder option.

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