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How to Fix Cannot Verify Server Identity Error on iPhone

Your iPhone will display the “cannot verify server identity” error to inform you that the certificate of your mail server is invalid or fake. It’s a security alert. This error, which is commonly seen on iOS devices that use the Mail app, is known as “cannot verify server identification”.

You don’t have to be one of the many people who have experienced the “cannot verify server identity” error more than once. The following sections will help you solve the “cannot verify your server identity” problem.

To resolve the “Cannot verify server identity” error on iPhone, close the Mail app and then open it again. Try rebooting your iPhone if this doesn’t solve the problem. We will now discuss the next steps.

What is the reason for the “cannot verify server identification” error?

This is a security-related notification, as I mentioned. iPhone will verify the server’s reliability to establish a secure connection to a mail server. If the certificate and domain names are not compatible, it will flag the server as unreliable. This causes the “cannot verify server identification” error to appear. This is performed for all mail servers.

cannot verify server identity

Untrustworthy server settings can also cause the ‘cannot confirm server identity’ error. Before you attempt to fix the “iPhone can’t verify server identity” error, ensure that the iPhone date and time information is correct. If you get this error message for every email, even if the mail is genuine, and you feel your device is making an error, you can fix it.

How do you fix the “cannot verify server ID” error?

Let’s now look at the causes of the “cannot verify server ID” error. This error can be fixed in iPhone and iPad in many ways. You can get rid of the “cannot verify server ID” error using any of these methods.

1. Quitting and restarting the Mail app

Restarting the app is the most common way to fix the “iPhone can’t verify server identity” error. To fix the error, you can first quit the Mail app on your iPhone. Then restart it. Quitting the Mail app will cause it to close all instances.

Open the Mail app after restarting it to verify that the “cannot verify server identification” error is still present. The Mail app may have a problem. If so, close the app and restart it.

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2. Reboot the device

Soft resets or device reboot can also be used to fix the “cannot verify server identification” error. To fix the “cannot verify server identification” error, different iPhone versions will need to use different soft reset methods.

reboot the iphone

iPhone X, XS and XR have a different way of handling the ‘cannot confirm server identity’ error.

  • Press either volume button or the side button for long so that the “Power Off option” appears.
  • Select the Power Off option and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Next, repeat the steps to turn on your phone.

This process will ensure that your data is safe. This will eliminate the need to create backup. Before you restart the device, make sure to close all open instances of the Mail application.

3. Remove the email account, then add it back

This method has been praised by many iPhone users as a solution to the “cannot verify server identity iPhone” error. This method is also available for you.

  • Click on “Settings” and select “Accounts and Passwords“.
  • Select the account you wish to delete from the section Accounts.
  • To confirm the action, click on the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open “Settings” again and then go to “Accounts & Passwords“.
  • After clicking on “Add Account“, enter all information and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Verify that your device still displays the “cannot verify server identification” error.

You might try signing in with a different email address to see if it throws the same error.

4. Update the device

If your device is not updated regularly, you may experience the “cannot verify server identity ” error. It is possible for system bugs to be created if your device has not been updated in a while. This can then lead to the ‘cannot confirm server identity’ error.

update the iphone version

 System updates are useful in many ways. They fix/remove bugs, improve the device’s performance and make it more efficient.

Make sure your battery life is good before you upgrade your device.

  • Open Settings to see if you have received an update notification.
  • Navigate to “General” and look for the option that says: Software Update.
  • You will see an update notification. Read the entire message and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • There are carrier updates available that can fix the “cannot verify the server identity iPhone” error.
  • You will need to open Settings again, then go to “General“, and then search the Carrier section.

You will see the instructions on your screen. These instructions will help you to resolve the “cannot verify server identification” error. Once you have done this,Reboot your device,So that system changes can be properly applied. Continue reading if this method of fixing the “cannot verify server identification” error does not work.

5. Reset network settings

Resetting your network can also solve the problem of “cannot verify the server identity”. Resetting the network helps you clear all of your network settings. The error “cannot verify server identification” is usually caused by Network settings that are not correct. You should definitely try this solution.

  • Click on “Settings” and go to General.
  • Look for “Reset option and Click on it.
  • Click on the Reset network settings button and choose it.
  • Type the Passcode and then Continue.
  • Click on the option to confirm your confirmation regarding resetting your network on your device.

After the reset is complete, your device will automatically restart. You can open the Mail app to find out if the ‘cannot verify server identity iPhone’ error is still there or not.

Final Words:

Just a few clicks away you can get rid of the “cannot verify server identification” error.

You can try all of the steps to correct the error chronologically. If one step fails, then you can move on to the next. The problem should be fixed by you.

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