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How To Format(reset) Laptop Or PC In Windows 11

In this blog we will know how to format laptop or pc in windows 11

If you are running Windows 11, when you’ve been using the same configuration for a long period of time or have problems with your PC, you can utilize”Reset This PC. “Reset this PC” feature to restore the system to the factory default settings to solve the most frequent issues and boost performance.

Reset this PC” feature has been in use from Windows 10 as well, on Windows 11 it lets you restart Windows with a variety of choices. For instance, you can choose the an option to reset the factory settings, while preserving your files and settings in place, as well as another option to delete everything in order to fix issues like that cause shutting down or restart and excessive usage of memory apps that are running at high performance, batteries draining rapidly, or getting rid of a shrewd malware.

The program even gives you the alternative of using an original picture instead a customized manufacturer recovery image, which could include unwanted bloatware and configurations.

Within this Windows 11 guide we’ll guide you through three ways to restore your computer to factory settings, without losing the loss of your data or erase everything.

How do you reset factory settings for Windows 11 preserving files

If you want to reset your Windows 11 laptop or desktop to factory default settings without losing data, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Go to the Recover page to the right.
  4. In”Recovery options” in the “Recovery options” section, select”Reset PC” to activate the Reset PC button to activate”Reset this PC” feature “Reset this PC” feature.
  5. Select the option to keep the files I have option.
  6. Choose an option for a restore Windows 11:
    • Cloud download: Download a new backup of the application from cloud, and then install Windows 11. This option, however, does not restore the tools apps, the application, or configuration that came with original image that was provided from the company that made it.
    • Local Reinstall: Uses the files that are already in use to reset your computer. If this is a brand name computer (such such as Dell, Asus, Lenovo or Lenovo, etc. ) this procedure will reset the factory settings, drivers and tools.
  7. Check the apps you want to install after the reset back to factory settings.
  8. Go to on the Next Buttion.
  9. Hit to the Reset button.
  10. When you’ve completed the steps, your computer will be reset to factory settings , which will preserve your files.

When the reset process is completed Check for updates to make sure that Windows 11 is not missing any patches, security or drivers. You may also require re-installation of all of your old applications if necessary

Keep an eye out for updates.

To install the latest updates for Windows 11, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Windows Update.
  • Hit on the “Check for Updates” button.

After you have completed these steps Windows Update will download the most recent patches and driver update (if they are available).

Find missing drivers

To determine if drivers are missing following the “Reset this PC,” take these steps:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Look up the word Device Manager and click the first result to launch the application.
  3. Make sure there’s not a branch that’s called “Other devices,” which typically lists devices that don’t have drivers.

If you own any of your devices that are missing drivers, you should visit the support site of the manufacturer in order to download and then install most current drivers.

The final thing to do is to install the app that was installed previously on your PC (if it is applicable).


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