how to hide app in iphone13

How to Hide App In iPhone 13

This article will show you how to hide iPhone 13 apps. There are many reasons you might want to hide certain apps from your iPhone 13 so they don’t appear on your home screen.

Perhaps you are trying to clear up your screen of clutter by hiding some apps that you don’t use often. Perhaps you have a dating app that you want to keep private.

It doesn’t matter what reason you have for hiding apps from your iPhone 13, it is easy. There are several options available depending on whether you want one app to be hidden or multiple apps.

How to hide an iPhone 13 app

These are the steps you can take to hide one app from your iPhone 13 using the App Library.

Step 1 : Hold the app that you wish to hide. A menu will be displayed.

Step 2 To remove the app, select the option in red font.

Step 3 The app can be permanently deleted or removed from the page.

Step 4 : Choose the 2nd option. This will not remove the app from your computer; it will hide it from your homepage.

These two steps will provide you with an easy solution to hide unwanted or private apps from the home screen. You can eliminate unneeded apps and make more room for those you use frequently. What if you need to hide a whole page of apps? We have something for you.

How to hide an app page on your iPhone 13

Sometimes, hiding one app might not be enough. Perhaps your screen is too cluttered and you need more space to do efficient work. You might have sensitive data that you wish to hide on your phone. You can hide any page of apps using the iOS 14 App Library.

Step 1 Hold the empty area of your screen on page you wish to hide.

Step 2 Click the small Navigation dots at the bottom.

All screens will be displayed together with checkboxes beneath.

Step 3 – Choose the Checkbox to display on the page that you wish to show , and uncheck the boxes for those pages you wish to hide.

You can unhide the app pages if you decide to change your mind after hiding them. Hold the screen for a while, then press the Dots to check the screens that you want to hide or display. The homepage will be created.

How to hide iPhone 13 apps: Hidden apps in a folder

1. To hide an app from the view of your iPhone 13, you can use its folder function. Hold the app that you wish to hide until the icon begins to move. This should take approximately three seconds.

2. To create a folder, hold the app and drag it on top of another app . After the folder has been created, you can release the app. You can rename the folder using the text bar at top.

3. Locate the app that you want to hide in the folderHold the app down until it starts to wiggle again. Drag it onto the next page in the folder.

To hide the app, you can create a folder that has up to 15 screens. This won’t completely hide your app but it will make it harder for anyone to accidentally stumble upon it. It also makes it more difficult for curious parkers to find your hidden apps.

How to hide apps using the App Library

If you’re running iOS 14 or iOS 15, your iPhone 13 will automatically include the App Library. If you are running iOS 14 or iOS 15, your iPhone 13 will include the App Library. This article will show you how to hide apps from the iPhone 13 App Library. It allows you to keep it off your Home screen.

  1. Hold the icon and press the button to hide the app.
  2. A menu will appear. Click on Remove Application.
  3. The second menu will be displayed. Click on to move to App Library.

This will hide the app from the iPhone 13 App Library. It’s easy to find hidden applications in the App Library. You can also add it to your Home screen later if you change your mind. Here’s more information on the app library. You can read our article on offloading unneeded apps to learn how you can get rid apps that you don’t use often.

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