Hide Apps On Samsung Phones

How To Hide Apps On Samsung Phones

Here’s how to hide apps on Samsung phones without further delay.

Do you wish to hide apps in Samsung smartphone? It’s simple to do. It doesn’t matter if you want to stop apps to protect them from your eyes or if they were installed on your phone and you need help removing them. All it takes is some taps.

How To Hide Apps on Samsung Smartphone

These instructions are specific to Samsung Android smartphones. The procedure is different if you own an Android phone from another company. This is because Samsung employs a unique Android software overlay known as One UI.

1. Hide Apps on Samsung Phone Using the Home screen

Step 1. Press and hold the Home Screen for more options


Step 2. Tap on Settings


Step 3. Select Hide Apps

Hide Apps On Samsung

Step 4. Tap on the application you would like to hide

Hide application On Samsung

Step 5. To remove an app from your Hidden ist tap on the red minus beside your chosen application

remove apps On Samsung

Step 6. Then select Done to apply the changes

done hiding Apps On Samsung

2. Hide Apps Using Samsung’s Secure Folder

You can say that Secure Folder is a kind of phone within an actual phone. Two ways that you can use it:

one to can store your documents, photos video, contacts, and so on. It’s an easy method of looking at it. The second is to keep an entire phone that has separate social accounts and application instances. So, without further delay, let’s go through the steps that will help us understand how to use it to hide apps.

  • Go to Settings and look to find the Secure Folder.
  • Click on”Open button. In addition ,you can also look for an Secure Folder shortcut on the home screen.
  • Within the Secure Folder Tap at the icon + located at the top.
  • Additionally, you can download applications through Google Play Store or Galaxy App Store or download those apps on your phone.
  • Select apps that you would like to remove and then tap on the “Add” button.

3. Hide Apps By Using Third-Party Launchers

In addition to the native app hide alternatives, there are third-party launchers that let you hide apps on all Samsung Phones.

  • Install the Nova launcher into the Samsung phone.
  • Open the app and then set it to be the default launcher, the standard launcher on your Samsung phone.
  • Navigate to The Nova Launcher Settings, by pressing the home screen for a long time.
  • Then, open The App Drawer and navigate further toward Hide apps. Choose the apps that you want to remove from the drawer.
  • Boom! you’re ready to go.

The Final thoughts on Hide Apps In Samsung Phones

In this article, we’ve discussed the 3 methods to hide apps in Samsung smartphones. I hope you find this article useful, and if you did, be sure to share and like it. Find more tips below, and be sure to check back for more tech-related tips.

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