If you’re an Airtel customer and wish to switch to the BSNL network, without needing to surrender the current Airtel mobile number, here’s a method for you to how to port Airtel to BSNL without changing your phone number.

By using With the help of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) You can swiftly complete the process of moving the mobile phone number you have on the current Airtel system to BSNL network. Simply have to follow some steps to ensure a smooth transfer between Airtel into BSNL port. However, before you do this you have to know about the porting of mobile connectivity.

Why port Airtel to BSNL

The first and most important thing is that BSNL is the most affordable and cost-effective postpaid as well as postpaid plan available in India in comparison to private telecom providers like Airtel, Jio and Vi. Postpaid plans from BSNL are available starting at 99, and its prepay plans with unlimited data and calling begin at the price of Rs 147. Value-added features like international and national roaming SMS packs 3G services with competitive prices, and much more make BSNL an appealing option for mobile users who are budget-friendly. Another exciting update to BSNL users is that this service is preparing for the roll out the pan India 4G service in the near future, in the vicinity of Independence Day 2022.

How To Port From Airtel To BSNL

Note in your calendar that it is your responsibility to have to visit your nearest customer service center or franchisee authorized by the government to submit the MNP request since BSNL currently doesn’t offer the possibility of porting the number on line.

Below are some steps you must follow for port Airtel to BSNL:

  • Find a the Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS to 1900 with the format of “Port Space 10 numbers phone number” (eg and sending the message to 1900) in the case of J&K pre-paid mobile subscribers to receive UPC, call 1900 instead of texting.
  • UPC assigned to a subscriber will last for the time of 15 days after the day of the request or the time until the number has been removed, whichever comes the earlier date, for all service areas, with the exception of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East licensed areas the validity of the UPC is for a period of 30 days beginning from when the subscriber made their the request or until the number is removed in the event that it is later regardless of. the number of requests a subscriber submits.
  • It is your responsibility to have to visit the BSNL CSC (Customer Service Centre) or Authorized Franchisee / retailer to request the porting your number to mobile. 
  • Complete the CAF (Customer Application Form) and pay fees for porting to process. (Presently BSNL is not charging any charges for porting to BSNL).
  • You will receive an entirely brand new BSNL SIM card.
  • Once the porting request is approved, BSNL will inform you the date and time for porting.
  • You must change the SIM card at that date. If you encounter any issues, you should call the Toll free 1800-180-1503 or 1503.


So these are the simple steps for how to port Airtel to BSNL. Follow Xhubh For Get The Latest Tech Updates.


  • Can I change my Airtel SIM to BSNL?

Any eligible Pre-Paid and post-paid (GSM or CDMA) mobile customers can transfer.

  • Is it cost-free to switch to BSNL?

At present, BSNL doesn’t charge any processing fee to users on mobiles to use the MNP service.

  • Is BSNL superior to Airtel?

Based on according to BSNL as well as Airtel plans Airtel offers up to 30% more cost on certain plans compared to BSNL. This is a clear proof by the data plans that BSNL plan data is actually the best affordable mobile internet combination plans.

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