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How to Record WhatsApp Call on Android and iPhone

Recording calls is a crucial necessity in this modern-day and day and. It is useful for a variety of reasons, including transcription of interviews as well as recording lessons that users might wish to revisit. People always want to know How to record WhatsApp calls no matter whether they are Android users or iPhone users, so today, we are going to answer them before that. You can also check whatsapp trick 2022

How to record WhatsApp Voice or Video call

WhatsApp doesn’t support natively recording calls, either on its desktop or mobile versions, but don’t fret as this isn’t an issue. Many of the most effective methods to record the contents of a WhatsApp call are pretty simple and easy to use, so let’s take a look at a few of them right now.

WhatsApp supports two types of calling and one is voice calling and another is video calling. So in this article, we will answer both your question about how to record WhatsApp voice calls and how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio so read the full article

How to record WhatsApp voice call or audio Call

Nowadays two types of phone users first one is an Android phone user, and the other is an Iphone user. So we will discuss both queries how to record WhatsApp voice calls on android and how to record WhatsApp voice call on iPhone.

Record WhatsApp voice calls on android.

There are two methods to record WhatsApp voice calls on android are following:

1. Voice recorder app

If you own an Android phone, the chances are that it is equipped with a voice recording application. To record a voice, you’ll need to:

Step 1. Begin Your WhatsApp call.

Step 2. Suppose you’re using a device that supports multitasking and multitasking. In that case, you’ll be able to end WhatsApp without resuming the WhatsApp call without putting it down.

Step 3: Open your voice recording app.

Step 4: Record the record button.

Your call needs to be placed on speakerphone so that the recorder can capture each side of your conversation; however, the audio is likely to sound muffled in a way that is “buzzy.” The result isn’t necessarily the best solution, but it’s acceptable for a moment.

2. Using Third-Party App

An application known as Call Recorder Cube ACR allows users to record calls. But, it’s essential to understand that the application is not compatible with all phones. It is recommended that you visit their support page to determine which phone works with the application.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and search for the Cube Call application.
  2. It is easy to download and then install on an Android smartphone.
  3. Start your Cube Call voice call recorder application and change to WhatsApp.
  4. A Cube Call widget will be available when you make a WhatsApp phone call.
  5. If not, go to the Cube Call recording settings, and select Force VoIP. Make a call using a voice.
  6. Try calling again and check if the widget is displayed or it doesn’t. If it continues to give you an error, it signifies that your phone could not be compatible with the app.

Record WhatsApp voice calls on iPhone.

Recording a WhatsApp voice call on iPhone is not an easy task. There isn’t a specific application that lets you record WhatsApp calls quickly. But, there’s an alternative that requires the use of a Mac or an iPhone. Here’s how you accomplish it:

  • To do this, connect your iPhone to a Mac through a lightning cable.
  • Now, click on trust this computer.
  • If you’re connecting the phone to the Mac for the first time, you’ll have to select Quick Time.
  • The new option for audio recording is now available—the audio recording option in the File section of this.
  • Click here to record.
  • After the entire process, click the Quicktime Record button to initiate a WhatsApp call.
  • Once your call is established, you can add the icon for the user. The recording will begin when you receive your phone call.

How to Record WhatsApp video call with audio

Similar to voice call, Video call recording also has two queries how to record WhatsApp video call on iPhone and how to record WhatsApp video call on android, but you don’t worry, we have a solution for both queries. Read to know how to record video calls on IOS and Android devices easily.

Record WhatsApp Video calls on android.

  • Suppose your Android device cannot allow screen recording by default. In that case, users will be required to download a third-party application from Google Play Store to record the WhatsApp video calls.
  • Different applications offer screen recording options for Android users. One of them is DU Recorder.
  • Download and install the DU Recorder app and then start it.
  • Once the application is installed, you must grant the application the permissions for microphones, file managers, and so on.
  • The screen that pops up will give you the option for recording the display.
  • Select the recording option, and begin making recordings of your WhatsApp call video.

Record WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone/IOS

  • Begin WhatsApp and start the WhatsApp video call
  • Swipe upwards from the lower screen to open the Control Centre.
  • The icon of the screen recording will be visible.
  • Click on the recording icon that appears on your screen and make sure you switch on the microphone option
  • Your WhatsApp video chat is recorded.

Simple  ways to record video calls on WhatsApp on an IOS

One of the most straightforward ways to record videos with WhatsApp with your IOS gadget is to switch on the screen recording feature present in iPhones. Recording video calls with WhatsApp to Android users could be a challenge for some, as a few Android devices have the feature of recording video calls by default. Find out below the best way to capture video conversations using WhatsApp.

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