How To See Spotify Wrapped 2021

How To See Spotify Wrapped 2021 | Quick Answer

The third version of Spotify’s “Wrapped 2021 It’s now available to users all over the world, including India. The experience ‘Wrapped’ will provide a glimpse of what you’ve been listening on the platform throughout the time of the past year. The feature will be available in both Android as well as iOS applications.

Spotify’s Wrapped feature allows users to see important data regarding their music listening journey throughout the past year. The users will have the ability look up their most streamed music as well as their most loved artists, their top albums as well as podcasts and other content. To find out all the exciting new options that will be available in Wrapped 2021,

This feature, called Wrapped will allow users to see more in-depth details, including the artists they’ve heard the most popular songs of the season and much more, in the format of stories. This feature will be available to every Spotify customers in India. Alongside the users’ listening history, the feature will allow users to find out the music that India and the entire world was listening to in 2021.

Here is How to See Spotify Wrapped in 2021

In the first place unlike previous years, this year’s Spotify Wrapped is only available via Spotify’s Spotify smartphone app. Therefore, if you go to as usual you’ll be directed by a link to download Spotify Wrapped.

After you’ve completed the process and signed in, your customized review of 2021 will be displayed on your home screen, with an announcement that reads “Your 2021 Wrapped is here” under your top six recent listening choices. Be aware that some users needed to update their application before the link to their wraps appeared (this writer included!

Click the icon, and you’ll be led through a delightful journey to revisit all the music you loved that accompanied your 2021. The opening credits will be displayed along with a theme and the total amount of time you listened to throughout the year, the number of streams you made to your top music, and much more! According to what Spotify declares in the latest edition of wrap-up, “Now go forth and proudly share your top-tier taste with the world.”

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