WhatsApp allows users to send messages to saved contacts on their smartphones. If a user needs to send a text message to another WhatsApp user, the sender must have the receiver’s contact information saved in their smartphone. However, is it possible to send whatsapp message without saving number? Yes, a user can send a message over WhatsApp to another user without saving their contact. Keep reading to know more. 

Sending a WhatsApp message without contact details being saved on a smartphone is one of the classic WhatsApp tips and tricks. It involves the formation of a link that can be sent to other users. Thereafter, anyone with the link will be able to send a message to the recipient of the link. Following the steps given below, one can create a WhatsApp inbox link which can then be used to send message on whatsapp without saving number. 

Lets Know How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number

1. Start the browser you prefer

2. Visit the address

Note: Add the registered WhatsApp mobile number you want to chat with on the phone number field in this format You will also need to add the country code for India, which is 91.

3. WhatsApp will redirect you to the website by clicking on the green message button after you visit the page.

4. To start chatting with the number entered, click on the button

These steps can be used to send a registered WhatsApp number to Android or iOS users without saving the without saving the number to your contacts.

Many apps offer the same functionality. WhatsDirect, one of these apps, can be used to accomplish the same. Users can enter the number of the person they wish to have a conversation with and also send a message. The app will then redirect users to the main app by clicking on “Send”.

You can also use applications such as Click To Chat which will allow you to jump straight into a WhatsApp conversation without having to create custom links. Another application is Easy Messenger, which allows users to message contacts directly via Whatsapp by simply entering their contact number and a message. Another way to send a whatsapp message without saving the number on your device. To open a WhatsApp conversation, type a WhatsApp number into Google search. Click on the three dots to select WhatsApp. This method is only available for a limited number of devices.

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