set caller tune in VI

How to Set Caller tune in VI

Let’s Know How to Set Caller tune in VI

If you’re someone who is surrounded by music and is so enthralled by music that you wish music to express your mood, and even those who call you and you are a caller tune user, then it isn’t a new concept for you. You have to be a frequent user of the caller tune. As a faithful Vodafone Idea customer and a loyal Vodafone Idea customer, you should be conscious of the advantages of having a caller-tune feature on phones you own. However, if you’re wondering how to set caller-tune in vi, this article is for you. You will also learn how to turn it off to switch to another one after a certain time.

Caller tune is a sound or tune that is played when you receive a call. When somebody calls, you phone features a particular caller tune to make the phone call distinct from the rest. The other is awed by your music. If you’ve not set a tune for your phone’s settings until this point and you are already a Vodafone customer the only thing you have to do is read this post to the very end.

We will show you how to configure the caller tone in your Vi sim to give the sound of music to each conversation.

How do I set the caller tune for caller tune Vodafone Idea network

In addition to having the phone Tune website store and separate sections within the Vi application, Vodafone Idea has also launched a separate Vi Caller tunes application that makes it simpler to search, browse and select your preferred tune for all of your phone callers. The app is available to download through the Google Play store or the the App Store for no cost. Vi Caller tunes offers songs across different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odiya, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, and Punjab

To create a caller song that you like you must follow the steps listed below.

(a) You can download the mobile application of the Vi Caller tunes application or visit its dedicated website online to download caller tunes. Login by entering the phone number and OTP (One Time Password).
B) You’ll receive the list of tunes for callers selected by Vi which will include the top tracks, new releases, and much more.
C) To hear how the tune sounds by pressing the Play Button’.
D) Once you’ve determined which song you would like You can click or tap the “Set” button for looking up the cost that comes with the tune. Vi offers quarterly, monthly and annual plans to customers.
e) There are also no-cost caller tunes offered by Vi that will inform people who call you if you’re attending a meeting, traveling, or even more.
f) The amount will be taken from your balance principally in the event that you are a prepaid subscriber or charged on your monthly bill when you are an unpaid user.

How To Set Caller Tune in VI Via Website?

  1. Visit the Vi caller Tune website:
  2. You must enter in your Vodafone Idea mobile number.
  3. Completion of the OTP verification in order to login.
  4. Then, go towards the home section.
  5. Here, you’ll find the songs for free.
  6. Simply, choose any tune you wish to use.
  7. Select the Set option.
  8. Click on the Set option to activate the caller to tune you Vi SIM number.

That’s it, done.

How Do I Stop Vi Caller Tune?

You’ve already learnt how to set the caller tunes in Vi India However, if you’re wondering what to do to stop it from working.Here are the steps listed below to assist you in doing this quickly and effortlessly.

You can disable the previously selected tunes for your caller and switch the tune to a different one by deactivating the old ones.

The steps for deactivating the caller’s tune are as follows:

  • Go to your messaging app
  • Text message: STOP
  • It was sent to the number 155223
  • A response message will follow.
  • The message deactivating the caller’s tune will be displayed.

If you follow the steps above by following the above steps, you can remove your VI caller’s tone.


Is VI caller tune service free?

Yes vi caller-tune service can be available for free but with a limited use only. You can utilize the tunes that are free for profile and the other tunes offered in stores are paid for.

Can I make name tunes in VI?

It is true that Vodafone concept offers name tunes that can be accessed via the Vi Callertunes app , or via the official website. However the name tunes service is cost-based.

Where can you get this application? VI Callertune app?

Install the Vi Callertunes application through the Google Play Store for Android phones. Also, for iOS users, visit the Apple Store to download the Hello Tune app for iPhone devices.

How do I create a free caller on my Vodafone Idea SIM?

You can activate a free caller tunes to the Vodafone idea number by using Vi Hello Tune. Vi Hello Tune app or the website. All the steps necessary to enable the caller tune service are described in the following article.

What is the VI Hello Tune’s number?

Its Vi Hello Tune number is 155223. You have sent a message that contains the text start or stop in order to enable the Hello Tune activation or deactivation of you Vi SIM phone number.

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