How To Stop Ads On Android Phone

How To Stop Ads On Android Phone

Ads that start appearing on Android screens get all the anger they deserve. These pop-ups are not only annoying, but can also be dangerous, much like the Super Bowl commercials. These pop-ups can cause problems, slow down the phone’s performance and could indicate that hackers have hacked the system. Every Android user will start searching for “how to stop ads on Android phone“.

we will list a few ways to get rid of annoying ads, and highlight step-by-step instructions, including browser settings, data saver mode, installing ad blockers.

Lets Go to Stop Ads on Android Phones

Option 1: Block ads in Chrome Browser

If Chrome is your default web browser on your Android phone, and most of you do, you should be aware that in 2018, Google announced that Chrome would block all ads on websites if they use full-page interstitials. Chrome would block ads if sites use flashing animations or unexpectedly play sounds.

  • Start the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the menu at the top right and then click on Settings.
Chrome Settings
  • Please scroll down for the Select Site Settings Tap on it and press the Enter key.
Google Chrome site setting
  • Scroll down until the end to see the Pop-ups and redirects are available. Tap on it
chrome popups
  • To disable pop-ups from a website, tap on the slide.
chrome popups and redirects
  • A section is also called Advertisement In Site settings. Go back to Site settings. Tap on Advertisement.
  • Click on the slider to disable ads that Chrome considers “intrusive”.

Option2: Use Chrome Lite Mode

You can go a little further by activating Chrome’s Lite Mode – formerly known as Data Saver.

This setting can be found in the main Chrome Settings section. You can toggle Lite mode on and off using a simple toggle. It removes unnecessary web page features to speed up loading and saves data.

chrome Light Mode

This won’t block all ads on chrome, but it will reduce the number of ads you see and speed up web browsing. It will remove some design elements from specific websites. Pages may appear a bit flat or thin, but the actual functionality should not be affected.

Option 3: Install an ad-blocking app

While all of the solutions above focus on your web browser, it is possible to block ads from other Android devices. Google does not allow system-wide ad blockers, so that they won’t be available in the Play Store.

The Play Store has a wide selection of ad-blockers for Android that can block ads in apps, games, and websites. Although they allow users to block ads without root permissions, it might not be 100% effective. You can choose from AdBlock or Free Adblocker browser to block ads. Once installed, you can configure the rules as needed.

Some Other Ways to stop ads on android phone

There are also ways to reduce the intrusiveness of advertisements on smartphones.

1. Google account settings can be adjusted to minimize ads.

It is a good idea to disable Ads personalization before you get your new Android device. While this will not stop you from seeing unwanted content, it does allow you to opt out from personalized Google ads that track your browsing habits. This is how to do it:

  • Next, open Settings in Chrome browser and then click on Manage your Google Account.
  • Tap Data and Personalization, scroll down until Ad personalization and then select Go to ad settings.
  • To turn off personalized ads, move the toggle and then choose to Turn off.
chrome personalization

2. In Android device settings, disable ads personalization.

Once the above steps have been completed, you can turn off targeted ads from the phone. Even if the phone isn’t connected to a Google account on a desktop, this will still work. However, some content won’t be saved to search history. This will disable advertising directly on your device.

  • Scroll down to Google, then go to Settings.
  • Tap Ads and then Opt Out of Ads Personalization.

So we are sure that these steps helps you to stop ads on android phones. XHUBH always ready to provide the best technical solution, so follow XHUBH for more solutions to fix technical problems.

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