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How To Use WhatsApp Web On Phone

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WhatsApp makes instant communication easy. WhatsApp was once a personal messaging app, but it has now made its way to our office computers. WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned app that allows for communication with all types of banks and airlines. WhatsApp is a popular choice because of its instant messaging and other features. WhatsApp is the number one messaging app with over 2 billion users.

WhatsApp Web makes it easy to use WhatsApp on your desktop/laptop. While multi-taking, you can use the Web option on your desktop while browsing other websites in other tabs.

How to use WhatsApp web on phone

If you wish to use WhatsApp Web on your smartphone? If you have two phones, you can use WhatsApp Web on mobile. You can use WhatsApp Web for mobile by following the steps below:

STEP 1: Start the browser

Search WhatsApp Web using the browser app on your mobile phone.

STEP 2: Open WhatsApp Web

Open WhatsApp Web from your mobile phone

STEP 3: Click the three dots at the top right to click on Desktop Site.

The WhatsApp Web QR code will be displayed for you to scan.

STEP 4: Use second mobile phone.

Open WhatsApp on your second phone

STEP 5: Click the three dots at the top right to select WhatsApp Web.

Click the three dots at the top right to select WhatsApp Web.

STEP 6: Use your browser to scan the QR code on your first mobile phone. Then, use the WhatsApp app on your second phone to access the QR code.

WhatsApp Web will work on your first mobile phone’s browser

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